My introduction to mpsocial this is long

This is a real message from a real person.

My name is Daniel Ortega and I have serious mental problems.Schizophrenia to be exact.

I started my online business in 2009 when I lost my job because of the recession. I started trying to offer business consulting services through Craigslist. Gigs mainly part-time just to pay my bills until I could find a job.

A year later, I lost my house and my wife left me because I had nothing left.

Because I was spending too much time on Craigslist ended up wasting a lot of time in the casual encounter section. I started talking to the women, but I finally got fed up and started talking to the men.

In late 2010 or early 2011, I met Styx and I started in transsexual cameras. I’m not a transsexual, but I was cross dressing because I could make money doing it. He was making a lot of money too.

Styx in the end was full of shit, I took my money and started my own transsexual network of websites.

It was a terrible failure. I lost nearly all I have.

I began to abuse drugs and alcohol lost several apartments almost went to jail.

By the end of 2012 I started hearing voices and thinking that Obama was going to kill me with a drone.

No shit! I really thought that !!!

So I wander for three years and it got worse and worse and worse …

I am now in government housing and off drugs, but I am fighting the voices. Instagram I’m sure it is a portal that can be used to re-enter the world.

Because, look, I was expelled from the world almost 10 years ago. I just want to go back and be like you all.


So that’s my introduction. I need friends as well as you all.


If you’re sincere, then I hope you’re getting the help you need.

I’ve battled depression at various times in my life & it’s not fun. Good luck.


First of all, hello @iamericcreed and honored to meet you, from one real person to another :slight_smile: I admire your courage in the truest sense of the word. I’ve been there and it’s exhausting but we need to keep moving forward and I can tell that you are trying to get your groove back so let me congratulate you on that! I wish you all the best and I’m looking forward to hearing your success story, it’ll happen in the perfect time :wink: Here’s one big virtual hug to you, from all your MPSocial fam :grinning:


At this point, I cannot be sure if this is all legit. In another thread you said your name is Eric Creed, which is also your handle and intro on your profile.

This is a very helpful community, but you have to be willing to be honest. When the name keeps changing, the eyebrows get raised.


I sit here writing this, then I have to be real?

Am I correct?

Are you real? Mr. @MojoJojo?

I guess you do not know ov the multiverse. Then look it up. Or better, let me explain.

There are many universes. In this universe, it could be crazy; In another, it could be the equivalent of Albert Einstein.

See my point? What is the reality?

I think Instagram was created to cross these universe. A kind of portal. I’m just trying to understand the secrets so I can go back to the world where everything was good in my life.

Nobody ever doubted how real you are. My question was about honesty.

Is your name Daniel Ortega or Eric Creed? Whatever the answer is, doesn’t really matter, why would you give two names in two threads, that’s THE question I’m most curious about?

Last one: given the conflicting information so far + your rocky fake Adsesne earnings saga, how do you expect us to think THIS thread is the real deal?

Are you a monolith agent? Your picture makes me wonder now.

As I said, there are several universes. Someone who claims to be me, or perhaps another version of me, published here from one of another universe.

I am an honest person, but I can not respond to anyone else.

This moment, here and now, is the only reality. What I say now and here is the truth.

This is fucked up…

Yes I agree. That’s why I work so hard to find the Instagram account that contains the portal. I know it’s there and hidden by a dark hashtag. I must find it before @Blacklistede and monolith agents discovered the portal and it closes forever. I will share my research, when I succeeded.