My Jarvee is lagging

Hey guys, I am using the Jarvee Professional Plan with 45 Scrapers and 35 Main Accounts right now. But unfortunately my Jarvee is lagging really hard. Every mouse click it takes a few seconds to respond. I thought this could be because my previous VPS had only 4 GB RAM, so I bought a new one with 16 GB RAM, 16 Cores etc. But it’s still the same. Only 9 % CPU and 20 % RAM are getting consumed, but it’s still laggy as hell. I already switched the EB to the minimum and did also Disable GPU accerlation.

The Jarvee Customer Service logged into my VPS and they told me that it’s working just fine for them, which is something that I don’t believe. They told me that it must be my Internet Connection but thats not the case because everything outside of Jarvee is working smooth and my VPS is not lagging overall. Only Jarvee does.

I also moved Jarvee to my main PC with 32 GB RAM but it’s the same on there aswell. Also tried it on another network, still the same.

Anyone experienced the same issuse and could solve it? Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks guys in advance <3


Try to reset Jarvee ID Device


How do I reset my Jarvee ID?

That’s strange. Did the support connect to your PC via TeamViewer to check the issue on PC? 32GB RAM is more than enough to run 35 accounts. You shouldn’t get that issue.

I would suggest you try to install a new Jarvee on your VPS. Download this Jarvee folder (this link is from Jarvee website), extract it on your VPS > C drive, then log in with your Jarvee login details. See if it’s lagging on the new Jarvee.


What exactly is lagging? Is it social>tools switch, tools>tool, etc?

Using these two should help with that.

Also, nr of profiles doesn’t mean much because of the number of actions, some may be heavy users, some might do nothing. On API it usually spends less resources so you could run more for the same money(specs).

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Had the same, first step is to restart the client and the VPS. This actually makes a big difference when done every other day.

Otherwise, as @Brisk0 said - make sure you group accounts by a tag and minimise/don’t show the ones you don’t need or not working on. The more profiles you have displaying under tools or social profiles the slower it gets. 50+ is a horrible experience lol. If you work with 20-30ish accounts at the time there won’t be any lag at all.


Thanks for every replies. Its lagging when switchting between Tools etc. Just almost on every Action. I will give the recommendations a try!

Tbh, I had to do a double take, I thought your profile pic was me. lmao. Great beard sir!

Anyway, I hope you fix your Jv lagging issue mate!


Hey bro had same problem. VPS is shared. You need dedicated server so only you use its resources. Buy a 64 GB ram with high end Xeon processors and Jarvee will run smoothly. It takes up a lot of memory when running embedded browser option.


Let me know if you want try a VDS with dedicated CPU and RAM, we still have some slots left.

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I found this out the hard way! VPS looks awesome on paper until I got told it shares the cpu. Got a server and can run 200 accounts now.


Same here bro learned that just a few days ago. Bought a 128GB Ram dedicated server. Will transfer Jarvee to the server and see how it performs there.


thanks for the info guys.

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The rendering is slow if you do not have a dedicated graphics card on where you are running Jarvee. Then it becomes, even more, slower if you are using the Group by Tag option on Social Profiles/Tools pages.

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that is only true once you first toggle the grouping. And only if you have all the groups expanded. If you have, say accounts of 20/30 per tagname and only maximise the group you are working with - then it reduces the load dramatically. If you see it enough you would see the massive difference. Again, when grouping at the start for the first time it does indeed take forever and having all groups expanded slows everything down further.