My Journey on Internet Marketing


.I started my Internet Marketing journey last year (~ August/September 2019) to sell affiliate products through Instagram niche accounts. So I created some accounts for the following niches:

  • Biz opportunity (make money online)
  • Mental health (meditation, biohacking)
  • Healthy foods

And what I started doing was to curate content and post them to these accounts (I was using Jarvee)

But that time Instagram was very hard, blocking accounts with little actions, so I spent maybe 3 months in this endeavor and then I switched to focusing in one other niche that I had discovered at the time - digital embroidery - it was a course teaching how they could make their own embroidery designs and stop paying for someone else to design it.

So I did an instagram account for that product, started putting content in it, along with a facebook page, and I would go in facebook groups for this niche offering free embroidery designs so I could start getting a bit of trust of people in this market.

I even used a wordpress plugin to deliver the files in exchange for their emails to slowly start to build a list of customers within this niche.

With a month of work, I had my first sale of this product (and my first sale as an affiliate).

However, all my sales were manually closed. I would talk with them in Facebook chat and offered this course - explaining how they would benefit from learning to make their own embroidery designs.

I started selling around 1 course per week, but all my time spent like this:

  • gather free embroidery designs so I could give them away
  • Post content on Instagram and Facebook page and on the Facebook groups
  • DM the leads that interacted with my posts through Instagram and/or Facebook chat offering the course
  • A small percentage would buy it

This product commission was meager (50 BRL), so I gave up after some months doing it.

Recently I took some economies I had and bought GrooveFunnels lifetime license - and now I’ve created some gigs on Fiverr to sell some services:

  • landing pages (done with GrooveFunnels)
  • Lead magnets
  • Instagram posts
  • Articles (SEO content)

Last month my income from Fiverr gigs was 245 BRL (still less than a minimum wage, but it’s a start)

What I want to start doing is to begin promoting GrooveFunnels as an affiliate now, but still don’t know how to start (what market to target).

My next step is to develop a customer avatar for that product. I know that it’s competitors are ClickFUnnels, BuilderAll, InfusionSoft, etc.

Well, that’s it for now. Any feedback on this journey will be appreciated.

Thank you!

PS.: Sorry for my english, as I’m not fluent

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Good luck with your journey. I hope you achieve great success. Please do continue posting your journey and keep grinding

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thank you! yes I will try my best to keep this thread updated

That sounds nice! Must’ve felt good.

Let me get something straight. What you do on Fiverr is not similar or related to what you do on IG, right?

Great job and good luck :slight_smile: This is a great example of how to turn some difficult situation into opportunity :slight_smile:

No. What I was doing before on IG was just growing niche accounts to sell related products as affiliate. Now I’m offering standalone services on Fiverr. My gigs at the moment are:

  • Create a Beautiful Lead Magnet for Your Opt In Page
  • Make You a Content Plan
  • Plan, Build and Launch Your Lead Generation Campaign
  • Create a Landing Page for Your Affiliate Product
  • Write an Article about Spirituality
  • Design 3 Relevant Instagram Posts
  • Write a Relevant Article that will Improve your Website SEO

I’m checking the statistics to see which gigs I will keep active and which I will remove to add a substitute