My Journey so far + Instagram Growing After the initial startup

I have started growing Instagram Accounts around August/September last year. I watched a lot of videos on youtube read BHW guides and decided to buy Jarvee.

I only used F/U methods and dedicated proxies (and ran everything on a vps). I decided to create 10 accounts. All of them are in different niches and I’ve seen extremely different follower results. Back then I didn’t even use the “user interacted with…” setting in Jarvee and only used Followers of Accounts. This resulted in most of the accounts having pretty bad engagement.

Those are the numbers I got so far. Engagement ranging from 2.5% to 5% for 9 of those accounts.

In December last year I stopped the accounts because I ran out of money and didn’t even try to monetize my accounts.

Around May I started to read more again and decided to give it a try once more. I readded the two biggest accounts alongside my personal brand account and started F/UF again.

Here are the numbers from igblade
Account 1:

Account 2

For some weird reasons wasn’t able to post on the first account and couldn’t try to go viral.I stopped the actions on the account for a while and now started F/UF
I had some pretty successful posts though (atleast for me):

The content on those accounts is based on reposting only. I try to pick viral content from other accounts and manually prepare the captions for my posts. I did some hashtag research and just mix them together,using jarvee.

Should I stop F/UF on bigger accounts?

I’ve seen many different opinions, ranging from stop at 2.5k to many saying that 10k is the ideal spot to accounts at 80k+ still doing F/UF. What’s your take on this?

My goal is to make some money of the accounts. I just created a dropshipping store for the 28k Account and want to try out if I get an sales whatsoever.

Should I trash all the old low ER accounts? What can I use them for?

How do you monetize your accounts?

Any help, advice etc. is appreciated

PS: I am currently still running dedicated proxies ( waiting for my HenryCooper Proxies to arrive - thanks for all the free information available in the forum)


Great progress! Are you reposting from Jarvee?
I’m asking because I had many accounts banned and at the moment, the Repost Tool is the prime suspect.

I’m afraid of using it but it’s painful since I believe is one of the best Jarvee features.

Yup, I repost into drafts and manually vet the posts. Cleaning up description and bad posts. I have the campaign set to publish twice a day at slightly different times

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your 28k – in insights, if you see explore above profile – stop your f/u and post manually. Understand it will be less than what you get first 30 days or so then it will pick back up – considering you get good viral posts. it seems ready for organic growth. your 19k the same.

what niche is it?
on the others, keep and target as you are now, wait until they get bigger too.
now those low ER ones, keep them – they will come in handy later after 6-10 months, have them follow the other 2 and then follow back and this will be the start of your own little network.


Posting manually as in in the IG App?

Like I said they every single account is in a completely different niche, would you still recommend “cross-following”?

yes, unless you want to get bigger using f/u – it ‘should’ start growing on its own with those stats if explore is above profile – post after post.

i missed that part. then i would not recommend

Is there a difference between using tools such as Later, Buffer, Etc to schedule content ( as I do on my personal brand account ) and posting them manually?

Use your phone for better reach and results