[MY LIFE] My first TOPIC,I will tell you my story!

Hi guys, I’ll tell you my story … Sorry for the English
Sorry but I want to talk to someone about my past … I hope not to hinder any rules of the forum … I want to let me know and get me accepted for what I really am so I decided to open this thread and I hope it won’t create problems for nobody. I don’t want to be part of such an important family without introducing myself and telling me a little. Today I want to tell you something as banal as it is fundamental: NEVER STOP, BELIEVE ALWAYS IN YOURSELF.
We start, I am 27 years old and live in belgium, I grew up in a very poor family with strong economic problems and my difficult integration into society led me to undertake bad addictions like drugs and alcohol … at the age of 19 years my uncles locked me in a center for dependencies (an experience that marked me a lot) I couldn’t see any of my family and they filled me with drugs every day … at the age of 21 I finally left the center and back home, where I start to shut myself up … I continue to cultivate what has always been my passion since I was a child … IT … But that time I was psychologically destroyed I realized that the best years of my life had flown and without realizing anything concrete … I had collected only failures … one day after a strong fight with my father I decided to change my life and abandon that past life permanently and go to Dinant a small village of Belgium … from there I start looking for work to pay my rent and food … after about a week I find work in a workshop and I start to work as a tire … A job as simple as it is meaningful for my life because it taught me to relate to people and to understand what teamwork means … in the meantime time passes and in the evening I begin to study Marketing and all the secrets obsessively … so I start to follow and study through the BHW forum … he taught me a lot and continues to teach me … then about 15 days ago talking on skype with an old friend of mine tells me this forum and tells me that he is one of the best … so in the end I signed up and here I am … this is my first thread … I will give you a lot and I will help you when I get the chance
I hope I have not made you bored, my purpose with this thread is to make you understand and pass on your passion for life, we often do not value it enough … we must never stop at the first obstacle but we must always go beyond …


Hey Man welcome , stay positive and keep your head up and feel free to ask questions thats what were here for


Welcome man. Yeah only been here myself for a few weeks now, and its one of the best decisions i have made. You have a rough background, but you also show that people can change and if you have enough determination and strength, then you can do anything. Keep going and keep learning and you will perceive! Good luck!

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I enjoyed reading this thank you


welcome aboard! let’s do it :slight_smile:

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Welcome :slight_smile:


nice story man😂

Welcome to the forum :grin:

Thanks for your story my friend! Had a pleasure reading this.

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