My Main acc Still getting BANNED. i already using many scraper

hi, i use 150 scraper for 50 main account…

my 2 main acc get BANNED.
and for all scraper its never get banned
why my main account still get BANNED? i already using to many scraper…
i guess,only scraper getting banned. not main account.
all scraper and main acc using 4G Proxy…

How I know im using Scraper Perfectly or not?

because my main account have so many API Statistic 200-500api

but for all my scraper very very low api 0-40 api max.

normally,all scraper have so many API right? not main acc

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Have you setup the settings correctly?
Using tagnames for scrapers?

Also I suggest changing to embedded browser for mains

yes…using tagnames for scraper…
this setting correct?
add profile > instagram scraper (have tag automaticly)

i use API & EB.
account get follow/like block from api. i switch to EB.,
and EB block,i switch to api

and i need to ask :smiley:

my main account have so many API Statistic 200-500ap
but for all my scraper very very low api 0-40 api max.
normally,all scraper have so many API right? not main acc

put EB only on the main account and take off the optimize call, enable api and scrape options. Then rest for 24hours and slowly increase actons. see if blocks subside. Otherwise could be proxies

this one?

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@ossi @Luca may be able to chime in

Mains can get banned if users you are targetting from slaves are reporting your main! When main profiles are facing big amount of reports IG will react.
Other than that, you might have something on those mains that are causing your 2 mains keep getting banned. Look for such as banned hashtags under your posts etc.

Your settings may be in perfectly order. But if you have an ongoing glitch or sufficient amount of reports on your profiles, this will be enough for IG keep banning your accounts.

You have the option “scrape with the embedded browser where possible” checked on your scraper accounts, so it’s normal to have low API calls since some scrapings are done with the embedded browser.
This is a screenshot of some of my scraper accounts which have that option checked.

Based on your input here, I highly doubt this has anything to do with your settings.

If your settings are working for 48 other mains, I will encourage to look at the 2 mains that are facing issues. Once things are cleared around the profiles themself, you then will start twitching and playing around settings and proxies…

Regarding low api calls on stats @ossi is completely right. Actions take from EB do not count as Api calls. That’s why you experience low stats.

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I don’t think he is talking about the 'mother ’ accounts. Its his slaves getting banned. So, won’t be the reported ascpect. But his actions and setup.

I do m/s on my account and never had people dming me bad things or put my account in trouble. If you don’t dm the same person and your slaves look like real accounts. I think their should be no issue.

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@heroeslair Brother I was also in doubt about this. However I understod this statement of his:

As if he has 150 slaves running for 50 main accounts.
2 of his main accounts out of the 50 mains in total are keep getting banned?

It is atleast how I understood what he is tryibg to say. I could be wrong.

In case it is only 2 mains out of 50 who are facing banns, then this is highly somethibg on the 2 mains he should be looking at. But if it is as you say… I then believe it must be a setting issue in JV.

Another matter is, if the slaves carry the name of the mains they promote in their bio, this could be a red flag for the mains. And i have seen IG go. Down on the mains before when this happens.

hi,.YESSS. my main acc get banned. i think because using API…now i switch to EB.
but using EB have major issue, unable to make any post at campaign. because reposting only support API. not EB. to bad :frowning: