My post doesnt appear ranked in any hashtags (help)

my post doesnt appear ranked in any of the hashtags i tag…
i checked on my pc if my post appear in the hashtag search, and it does
but it doesnt appear ranked in any…which is strange, because few of the hashtags are super low
100+ likes 5 comments+ to get ranked, my post has 200likes and 11 comments, posted 5 hours ago
and im ranking those hashtags for a while now, still got a post on rank which uploaded 2 days ago…
any help will be appreciated, ty

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Stop posting for 2 days and then try again, also check if you are using a banned hashtag or something with the rest of the hashtags.

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yea i think its because i rank those hashtags almost every day, i should build another hashtags list, thats what ill try next post, and i dont think i using banned hashtags because im using very legit art niche hashtags and my old posts are ranking in those,lol i think they have limit for how many posts you can rank in same hashtag in the same time, i have 2 posts rank top 9 in the same hashtags, last 10posts i used the same hashtags

you just answered your own question. your old posts are still up so no new ones will not show up

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my logic lvl is high when im smoking 420 lol

I would just test to see if you are using banned hashtags anyway (because IG keeps changing them), and switch up the hashtags. I think you can get banned if you use the same hashtags too many times.


you will not get banned, you will get ghosted

It’s basically the same thing though since you won’t be able to use hashtags