My Post on Instagram isn't visible under my hashtags

When i use Mp make post i can’t find my post with the tag?does there have anyone face this problem before ?what should i do ?

Can you be a little more descriptive? If you use a hashtag that everyone uses, you may not see it because it’s pushed down in results. If you use a hashtag specific to you #kingart66 for example, and you search for that hashtag,do you still find it?

hey i amn’t using the popular hashtag,just normal hashtag,but when i use monitor folders to make post,i cant search it ?do you know the reason ?

Did you start by searching and reading these posts?

hey i have made a post with tag,but still cant find my post with that hashtag i used.:sob:

i use monitor folders from my desktop。

The “Monitor Folder” won;t show you posts that you have posted to IG or whatever with a hashtag. It literally watches a folder looking for content.

Moved to IG help and unfollowing thread cause I literally can’t even right now.

So you did 2 things:

  1. Post via MP with #notpopularhastag
  2. Post via Mobile with the same #notpopularhastag

And the one posted by MP does not appear?

Btw, this is also called hashtag ghosting.

i tried that two ways but still have that problem.
will be proiblem of my IG account item ?

If that’s the case, it’s pretty common. Just use the search and type in “ghosting”. You’ll find many similar reports.

Then, please edit your title to reflect that this is not caused by MP.

new account do not use hot hastag。you can try some small check tag