My posts in Campaing arent posted on some accounts

Hello foaks,

Ive been posting on my IG profiles via Campaing tab. There in the history it says that it was posted, but in fact it wasnt. I am very desperate for help and I hope you can help me.

On some accounts that are older then the rest its okey but also on some accounts which are almost new (we are talking about 2+ months for the new accs) it works neither fine. But the rest it just says its posted but it never actually was. I cant find why.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Your using datacenter proxies?

Yeah what proxies you using man?

It’s a proxy problem. Try switching to mobile proxies.

Aas many have noted, usually switching to better proxies fixes the issue. For some, you need to post video for while and that usually fixes it. No one knows why yet.

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I am using Highproxies and they work very well, just this thing is bad. For some accounts it allready started to work and posts are successful. I will definitly try the videos and if it wont help, then the proxies. Thank you guys.