My posts not appearing in my own hashtags and any other hashtag on Instagram

Don’t know what the hell I did to Instagram but my posts are not showing up in my own created hashtag of #ZenMagAfrica or #ZenMagazine. To make it worse our posts aint showing in any hashtag like #African or #AfricanFashion. I run an online fashion magazine so it gets frustrating not been able to grow since this ban that started weeks ago. Can someone please help out here? I Keep reporting the bloody problem to IG everyday via their report problem on the app but still no reply. Any help guys?? My page is

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See Banned from explore and story hashtags?

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Maybe you could post less spammy content fewer times a day? 16+ posts per day??


I post fashion contents and i have been doing this for years now. So to think it’s because of that is alarming

Thanks for sharing this

Hey guys, just to tell you Instagram fixed it for us now. I am so glad it’s working :muscle::slightly_smiling_face::muscle::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Is it just me or do we have to be logged in now to view fucking hashtags on Instagram? Or has it always been like this?

Think with the new update you have to be logged in

How did Instagram fix it

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I just sending them a message via their report tab in the app. I kept sending it every single day for one week plus. Thankful they listened and fixed it

Was it through an update of some sort?

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No update bro. I just kept sending different messages at least twice a day via the report problem tab in the app