My reach is dead - how to solve it?

Hey guys,

My IG reach is so low, even if I got 10k real followers I get a very low amount of likes and story views. In the past (when I had a lower number of followers) the situation where much better: I used to get much more interactions, in the best period I had 700 story viewers and 300-400 likes each post, now I do 100-200 views on stories and 30-100 likes each post, even if the quality of my content is improved quite a lot!
The more time passes the less interactions I get.
I’ve stopped using bots for a month because my actions on IG were limited (like I couldn’t refresh the feed more than X times), and I think it had something to do with my low reach.

Do you have any advices to resurrect my account?

And I was also wondering:

  • my account name contains the word “erotic”, do you think this could affect the algorithm in a bad way?
  • I owe some money to facebook for an ad went wrong some years ago, do you think this could be related?


Dont know, maybe Instagram its just a bad app, I’ve been growing a page since July/2019 on models/shoutout niche, never used a bot for anything, never got banned, the only thing that insta did on my page was a copyright bs but i deleted the video. When i reached 10k followers 3 days ago my page gained 800 followers since, but the reach, likes, views, views on stories and etc dropped to half, at this momment my page is being promoted for a large audience (millions), a bunch of models repost me trough stories (they even interact with my page, commenting, liking etc), even one model that only accept payment for shoutout did it for free lol. But my page is not benefiting, in addition to gaining followers, everything has decreased.
I dont know what the heck is happening, it is hard to grow a page only relying on posts (my experience with hastags only got me mad), what instagram wants from me? money for ads?
I dont know really what im doing.

I also have to say that at the moment engagement is going down. Its possible to grow organically however a lot of my clients complain about bad EG. I think maybe people just spend more time on TikTok?

Atm I am testing completely organic tactics, stopped all blank hat techniques and will try what happens after a month of posting 1-2 photos every day with hashtags and almost every day an IG ad.

I hope in a month I see a difference because otherwise I don’t think I have the patience to wait more. For content creators and original high quality content it’s a pain in the ass to post 2 times a day and in the end get a sh**t.

Lots of threads on this particular concern – use the Search button!

I also asked some other precise questions if you see, I don’t think someone already asked for it.

I think it’s worth asking even the same questions, because things tend to change quickly in this new pre election environment.
What I would do is to create your own group of fake accounts that will be growing on their own that will interact with your posts, this will bump up the ER and make your stuff go viral.
Hire people to do that manually.

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issue with this is that its obligatory that you give to the VA’s , and issue is that insta work with geolocation too if actions ae from outside tier1 country (usa,uk…) then it can affect negatively rech so how i can solve this , i know there is still solution of bot mass fake account management but this 1 is more safe and more long term

because microworkers most of them comes with their own accounts this is useless cuz just right after surey they will unfiollow it can lead to reach problem+they will not do it on constant

Anyone with some helpful advice? i’m stuck as well lol