My Secret "Golden Key" of Communication and Persuasion

Hello everyone, I’m Danny and I’m a growth hacker and author of the book “Dr Growth.”

I recently discovered the “Daily Digest” section of the forum and love the premise. However, it seems I’m unable to create a new post in there, so figured to share this to the FFA Lounge.

In any case, to give back to this excellent community, which I’ve been a part of for several years, I’d like to share one of my favorite “hacks” that I use in all kinds of situations in my own business. It helps a great deal to improve how I communicate to clients, team members, potential clients, and so on. It’s so simple and beautifully effective.

Here’s the deal: My favorite way to explain things, perhaps, is through the use of metaphors. A really good metaphor can save a thousand words of explanation. As an example, one of my favorite metaphors to use for my clients is “secret weapon.”

“Our application is a secret weapon for (X group of people).”

Another one is “black belt:”
“Our staff are black belts when it comes to bookkeeping.”
“We’re basically the Airbnb for financial services.”
“Sam is the Michael Jordan of SEO.”

Easy, right? Metaphors really do prospects a favour because you are able to explain a concept quickly without placing the burden on them to read too much.

Do you guys have any favorite “hacks” that you are open to share? Would be cool to get a discussion going :smiley: