My story views are very low. My account has 32k followers but my story views have dropped to 200. I post good contents but now I am very frustrated with low no of views. I do polls, quiz and everything

Instagram story views are very low. :eyes:

Welcome to the community @RachnaM :slight_smile:

Do you post your own content?

How much likes you get on your posts, are your followers willing to engage?

What other actions do you do?

How often do you post stories?

I honestly believe it’s not your content, but Instagram users themselves - Instagram has became fatigued… There’s more users than ever. People just don’t bother checking stories and posts as much as the previous years. Just like Facebook after it’s years. But never the less keep pushing :heart_eyes:

Content is the source most of the time.
So some things could have happen here.

The Account was inactive for quite sometime and all Followers are Ghost Followers at this point.

The Account changed niches to many times and people are just not interested in the Content anymore.

The Owner of the Account bought all of the Followers or got them in some way that they are Bots or something. (WIth Platforms that reward you with Credits for following an Account or something)

There is no way you are getting 200 Views with 32K Followers if you do the following:
Post 10 Stories a day with a Q&A Sticker , Poll and Quiz in them.
In my experience this will get you 5-10x the Views instead of posting only Video / Photo Content in your Story without any Stickers.

@RachnaM - Please check with Online Tools like Hype Auditor if your Followers are mostly Bots / Inactive to see if that Is the source of your Problem.

We don’t know the Account History so that is why you will not get a good answer here.
You need to be more specific with your Account.

For example:
When did you start gaining these Followers.
In what kind of time.
What attracted these followers (organic posting, f/uf, Follower apps, Money)
What is the Niche and did it change sometime?

That would be a great start