My Tik Tok Growth Journey (Success Story)

After doing much research and preparing myself for this test, I could finally say I’m confident I will have multiple pages that will be doing extremely well, in a few months.
I started posting on these couple accounts only about 5 or so days ago. In the first couple of days, I was barely seeing any growth. Then, it happened: my first video went viral. This video took off and within only a day, it had 10k+ views. In addition, on another page, I run (different niche), I reposted a video that got barely any views the first time I posted it and this one went even MORE viral with about 25k views in only an hour or two. Finally, yesterday I got my biggest hit. This video took off within a couple of hours bringing me my “first” REAL BIG viral clip, giving me about 50k views! While only 2-3 videos I have posted have gone viral, I’ve only been posting to TikTok for about 1 week and doing some research on the app for about a month. I believe I def have a long way to go, yet, this is def a great start (in my opinion). Any questions feel free to send me a message or comment! thanks!

Do you use your own videos or do you “repost” from others?


From where do you get your content?
How many videos are you posting per day?

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