My Tik Tok Growth Journey Using Jarvee


Wolcome to my journy and I apologize in advance for my English , this what i did until now :

  1. Bought Jarvee (10 accounts)
  2. Bought 10 TikTok accounts
  3. Bought 5 proxies
  4. Free Amazon VPS

What i will do :

I will work on three niches and this how I divided the accounts

2 accounts for X niche (big niche)
2 accounts for Y niche (big niche)
1 account for Z niche (small niche)

I will only work with repost feature and after some research i have three accounts to repost from for each niche .

update #1 (25 October) :

until now only one account can repost and I contacted the support about the other accounts … sent them the log and im waiting for there answer …



Good luck on your journey! What kind of proxies are you using? and what do you use the other 5 TikTok accounts for?

I use :
I’m only running five accounts now

Can you actually just repost tiktok content? I thought it didnt work

Yes you can! until now I manage to repost on one account and i contacted the support about the other

is reposting still working?

No, it’s been a month since the repost tool stopped working. Only FBE tool still works now.

It seems that TikTok made some changes and it’s still not working but I’ve heard that they are working on it.

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