My Tik Tok Growth Journey Using Jarvee


Wolcome to my journy and I apologize in advance for my English , this what i did until now :

  1. Bought Jarvee (10 accounts)
  2. Bought 10 TikTok accounts
  3. Bought 5 proxies
  4. Free Amazon VPS

What i will do :

I will work on three niches and this how I divided the accounts

2 accounts for X niche (big niche)
2 accounts for Y niche (big niche)
1 account for Z niche (small niche)

I will only work with repost feature and after some research i have three accounts to repost from for each niche .

update #1 (25 October) :

until now only one account can repost and I contacted the support about the other accounts ā€¦ sent them the log and im waiting for there answer ā€¦



Good luck on your journey! What kind of proxies are you using? and what do you use the other 5 TikTok accounts for?

I use :
Iā€™m only running five accounts now

Can you actually just repost tiktok content? I thought it didnt work

Yes you can! until now I manage to repost on one account and i contacted the support about the other