My Twitter journey - how to reach my goal?

Hello, I want to share with you guys some information about what currently works for me on Twitter. But I also have some questions for you. Maybe there is someone who I can talk about so we can grow together in our niches.

→ I run 100 Twitter accounts on J.
→ 1 Twitter Account (1-3 years old and PV) per proxy (proxy6)
→ Every Profile has a landing page which leads to my main page ( clickable NOT automatic redirection). The main site is the store I make sales from.

My goal:
→ Getting 100-200 visitors/day on my landing page only from those 100 Accounts so in average each account should bring 1-2 niche targeted visitors to my landing page. Then the majority will visit my main site. Would be nice to get over 100 additional visitors/day to my main site with this method.

What I do now:
→ I do following 15-40/day
→ Autocaptcha for suspended accounts that need Recaptcha
→ Auto DM New Followers (0-10 per day per account depending on how many new followers)
→ I stopped running tweet campaigns. (Maybe should do it? Hashtag optimized?)
→ Some accounts don’t do following, some only do targeted liking of posts.

In the past I had better results with a software (I shouldn’t mention). Probably its because Twitter made some changes right?

What can I do to reach my goal?