My Twitter was hacked & @ changed?!?! what can i do

I’ve had this account almost 10 years!
I login to it today & the @ is changed the @ originally it was a 4 character and it seems someone tried to swap it & then realized it was lost!
I’ve emailed twitter telling them this!

It is an @ very close to me, has anyone ever had this happen before & if so what are the chances of me getting it back?

I’m sure if you emailed them from email that’s used for account creation that they will help you and give hou old username back.


I did email them from the email that the account was created on in 2010! They should give me it back?

I’m pretty sure they will. Wait for couple of days, if nothing happens, send new email.

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I’m like freaking out i loved this @ and it’s very close to me!

Sadly… Welcome to social media platforms…

They do this for no reason alot of the time.

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I know it was a hacker 100% i had a password change on the account, but they didn’t change anything else then realized they can’t swap a 4 char twitter & l regained access to all my shit but now my @ is changed & I’m waiting for twitter to help!

Has anyone ever had this kind of issue?
I know i read an article about @N having this issue kind of, and he got his @ back!

Just wait for their reply.

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Contact twitter support they will handle it for you dont worry. Ive done this before

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you’ve had that problem of your @ getting changed & they revert it for you?

I’ve seen an OG 4 letter handle on Twitter get recovered, after a failed switch attempt like this, by filing a ticket with the creation email stating they were hacked. You should get it back.

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Yes reached out emailed and tagged twitter support & it was handled

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If you have a simple password it can easily get bruted.

Make sure to have 2 step login enabled in the future

Don’t use the same password on all your accounts because any database can get breached & therefore making ur other accounts vulnerable.

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Do you know what they did?

I still haven’t even gotten a response from twitter!!!
Can anyone help me?
I am in desperate need of help please.