My url was blocked on FB

Hey guys, my url was blocked on FB. I posted the URL in about 80 FB groups. I am assuming that I got flagged for spam. The URL is a landing page for some SaaS software so nothing even close that is against FB content policy. Any advice on how to fix this?

ya lol your domain / url is done

change the domain or test out redirect link shorteners like link tree

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Damn, thats f up actually. I didnt even know that was consedered spamming because I got approvals of Mods!

if you were posting it very quickly then FB would block it . should’ve bought bunch of 1$ clean domains and spread yourself out and of course let the domains age a little as FB would Def check the age of the domain when posting ( in my opinion )

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Yeah you’re done like dilly said. 80 groups? Way to overdo it!