MY videos get 0 views!

Im reposting other tik toks but my posts reach nobody at all

What is going on?

anyone guide me in the right direction.

Reposted content is detected by TikTok. Use ffmpeg or any other editor to modify the content. There’s some good threads here on MPSocial.

Do some manual follow/unfollow to gain followers naturally, and keep posting. How do you write your post caption? Do you include hashtags like #fyp in your caption?

I have the same issue.
reposting from other sources or recording screen.
I don’t use spammy hashtags and videos are good quality.
I get views only from followers (I do f/u)
but I get 0 views posting regularly, views start to come only when I start to follow new accs

any turnaround?
@Putt could u link the post where they talk about ffmpeg? never heard of it

fmpeg is a library for python & other languages that allows you to use code to modify video. For example, I can write a script that tints the video a little red, cuts off 10px and speeds it up to 1.2x. I could save that as Then I could make a folder of 500 videos and pass the folder into the command line as a parameter python -l /TikTokVideos/December for example and it will ‘mass’ edit all 500 videos.

There’s lot of tutorials for ffmpeg online but if enough people ask, I’ll make a few scripts and post them here.


oh that would be interesting!!! super super cool

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That will be great!

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Yes please :heart_eyes:

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yes please! with script too!

thank you

i gave up on tiktok long time ago

Maybe I’ve been to lazy to find on here but what’s the current limitations on follow unfollow per day? I posted one video of an image with some funky filter on and then followed 45 people - the video has like 800 views!

you should never repost raw content on TT without any modification because TT can easily detect that and shadow ban you immediately.

I can do 150-200 F/U per day with no issues.

bro you wanted to explain to us how you do it. we would be very thankful.