My Youtube Channel is Not Monetized but I'm getting Money from Youtube

My channel got demonetized last year because of reused contents.

I applied for monetization again in March, but I got rejected.

The only thing I was doing on this channel after I got the rejection email was using Jarvee to comment on other videos in the same niche since it really helps me get more subscribers.

Two weeks ago, all of a sudden, I saw revenue on my channel Dashboard.

I went to check the Monetization page, but Youtube still shows that my channel is not monetized. I also don’t receive any emails from Youtube.

I check both my adsense account and youtube dashboard every day to see if it will stop, but it doesn’t. :joy:

Has any of you experienced the same thing?


Good thread, I am eager to see what are other people’s experiences regarding this matter.

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Haha, this is a funny one :smiley: What if you reach $1M and can’t withdraw?


Create an e-book on “How to earn 1 million with demonetized Youtube Channel” and sell it. It will be bestseller :smiley:


Good idea. Seriously, I tried to replicate this on my other channel but without any success yet. Maybe I was just lucky at that time or Google knew I was about to give up on YT if I couldn’t make the monetization active again… :joy:

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Pongale lo sabroso, mayonesa maccornick papau

crazy stuff ossi :grin: :grin: but I think it won’t last long, they will figure out that something is not right there but if you can withdraw some money from there it will be a big win :joy:

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