Name of the soft. JV

Hello again,

Everyday I see new posts here and there on the forum, where mostly newcommers (but sometimes some users that are not so new here) post questions/answers/recommendations whatever, NAMING THE SOFT. They just type the full name. Probably, I’m too paranoid, but I would like one more time to ask you all - STOP DOING THAT. I really love the soft (even having those issues we meet now) that we call here Jv and I want it to work good without any new issues, caused by popularity that is not needed.

Is there a chance to implement any bot-protection? I mean the script that will not allow to make a post, if this post has the name of the soft inside? Like some forums do with bad words.

I believe, that Jv - word is a bad word here :slight_smile:

  • Too paranoid
  • I’m agree! Stop doing that!

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I would really understand your point if this was a super dark secret forum, but it’s not, even we have IG employees here so who cares how we name a software when the software is not a secret it has website and hundreds of videos and articles, and even a Facebook group! :slight_smile:


I agree. Especially now, it’s too late. After the past few months this forum should have attracted all kinds of IG employees just because of the amount of threads on J. and all the blocks. But luckily there is a LV2 for things that aren’t visible to the public and critical threads always get moved up there.

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Yeah what do you have rocks in your head?? How hard is it to NOT NAME THE PRODUCTS.

I am not gonna use the full words anymore I understand now.

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Stop spamming every thread.

thats what you have to do, to get to LVL2

just saying

Whom are you talking to?