Nearly 2 million hip hop followers need help monetizing

Hey everyone so globally i’m at nearly 2 million hiphop/rap followers. I have always just been focusing on gaining traffic towards my music. What are some easy ways i can start monetizing this other than selling shout outs. I really don’t like doing the whole back and forth message thing & dont want to go in and check dms for all my pages.

One thing i do is when i wanna start a serious account and grow it big i just use my already grown pages as follow sources and have like an 80% followback with it. I’m sure people would be interested in purchasing information about my accounts to use as sources. Pretty much looking for some easy monetization ideas.

hi, Dont have a easy monetization idea.

but im sure interested in how you gain 2 million hip hop followers
and your shout outs

hey how many accounts do you hae

around 100 plenty over 10k

can you show an example of one or 2 ?

U could sell some of ur bigger pages to artists, that can than rename and rebrand them so they already start out with some fans. A the time you change the name you could post something like “Im giving this account to a friend who makes superawesome music etc…” I think some artists who don’t know anything about insta would pay quite a lot, considering its not easy to buy hip hop instas.

My second idea : Get your music on Spotify and direct the streams towards there. 1 Million Streams are 4000 $.

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What’s your account? I’d like to buy a shoutout.

Yeah I might be interested in buying a shoutout on an account like this, as well


I could help you to monetize your acc.s. How? I could buy them all. Price: 50$ per 500K followers. Awesome, right?! Deal?! :sunglasses:

2nd suggestion:
recently we talked here about a big acc. , this one:

Likely the owner has some more acc.s with similar names. One of those is:

As you can see there is a link to a website. It’s:

Maybe you can get some inspiration from that method and also sell your own CDs/ music downloads.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover: