Need 40000 real followers in 6 months!

How much will it cost to get an Instagram account to 40000 followers in 6 months? Is it possible?

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Nice clickbait title you got there :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s possible without going viral, and nobody can promise you that. Depends a lot of account’s content.

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Actually not looking for clickbait at all. :smiley: Im legitimately looking for someone that can do this for me.

And there has been a few contacting me that can do this. Hoping its not false though. Coz i really need it.

Pick 2 out of the 3 options below. And I am serious. Otherwise, don’t waste your time.

  1. Some here can do it.
  2. It won’t be cheap. $5,000-15,000 month.
  3. If you’re not a babe, with a hot body, or someone famous; it’s extremely hard.
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OK. Moved to #public-marketplace:want-to-buy-looking-for

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This can easily be done with Big general shoutout campaigns or by leveraging giveaways or both


easily can do this in a month, matters what audience you want

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Your best chance is posting something that can go viral, or something thats happening in the world that will attract attention, then pay an influencer to talk about it.

What audience you want? if adult can do that in 2 weeks

Buy 2 shoutouts on two different 1M-followers profiles (avg cost ~300$ each) and you’re set

If you this is on a theme page and you go viral, you can easily do this. On my first account I got 100K in 6.5 months, and I’m definitely not an expert!

how did you do that ?

Do IG account giveaways in either mostly US or International. I do it for all clients and you can get massive followers within a week or spread it across to show a gradual growth.

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Where do you find the giveaway groups?

Its not groups but rather from working with the top IG account managers. You can join a an account with 5M followers in their giveaway where you buy in a slot to be part. The IG account would then post something like giving away money or purses for their followers. The followers would then need to follow the steps to enter which includes following all the list of people they follow which in this case you would be part of.

You gain a crap load of followers within minutes depending how big the main IG account doing the giveaway is.

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Yes we knows this, but to be clear you are not working with Instagram Account Managers, right?
You are talking about people who manage users accounts?

If you want you can DM me some of those accounts as we may have some clients willing to be part of Giveaway groups, so far we get them from Telegram only.

PM Sent.

Our agency directly works with either the direct IG user or their managers (since they have people who works out the deals for them).

We run massive A-List celebrity giveaways both in US and internationally.

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All organic reach from hashtags and explore, I got pretty lucky but it’s definitely doable.

Could you send me a PM too? I’m interested in participating in a loop.

Child accs for sure. Very easy in 6 months even in 1-2 if you want. I’m the best at it :slight_smile: dm if you are interested.

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