Need a great Mother/ Slave service Provider!

What’s your experience with m/s?

I specialize in industry specific m/s with highly tailored targeting methods specific to each individual master account. Please send me a private message with your email address and I will send you a quote with all the information you need.

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this can be done with results in 2 years averaging 500-2k a day becuase you would need a base to start of accounts.
In todays feed expect to spend 2-3 times that amount with results in 3-5 months to setup.
good luck

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I’m pulling in 400-500 a day on my personal account with 90 slaves (and really unique content.) I wouldn’t do this for someone else for less than $5-6k a month. It’s not a small amount of work.


@imaginaryuser Which tools are you using for you slaves?

I used to grow this fast but not anymore since commenting seems to trigger PV’s and the followback ration has lowered for everyone i guess. On top of that more blocks every now and then which causes a slave to be ‘on hold’ for some time.

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Strictly follow/unfollow and DMs. Comments are spammy looking as hell imo

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@imaginaryuser Using campaigns or reposting to childs?

Neither. I don’t use automation to post.

Whatttt ??? I have this numbers for 40-70$
(100 per day)
Haha for me his budget is more than ledgit but it just depends on the content and the quality of your slaves and sources

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Then again it seems like 400/500 with only 90 childs is a lot these days with only follow unfollow and DM

Bro, WHAT ???WHAT??? 10k dollars ? Or yens? Haha
I think we have to speak in child account and not in how many followers you will acquire

When they’re coming mostly from the US (which mine are), yes. You have to have great content, too.

Well thats true but a childs needs to be quality too so not reposting your mains content to childs will make your childs outdated (to me). With childs being the first step to attractpeople. That’s wht i’m surprised you’re not even reposting on them

Let’s say you buy from someone who isn’t cheap but isn’t expensive
10$/ child account
This would be 150 child
Assuming they convert 4 people a day each on your account you would get 600/day so your goal

But agaî it all depend on your content and sources


No. No. No. No. No. No. Not happening. No date = BS. Not happening at scale. MAYBEEEE an account here and there.

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Ha ha you have some great comments dude.

Lol with that budget just try to do it yourself, read around and you’ll get an idea, it’s too much time to invest. Good luck :+1:t2:

Lmao I’m dead :rofl:

Actually running some ads for testing purposes on one of my Car pages, 4$ spent - 120 clicks around 65 follows, that gives me around 975 followers for 65$ spent, keep in mind I’m not running a giveaway, it’s a simple compilation.

I’ll keep you guys updated once I have more concrete results.

I don’t think people offer this service (at scale at least) at the moment cause of Instagram restrictions/bans