[Need advice] Building Technology Ecommerce


Im building an ecommerce who sells electronics with specific focus in Bluetooth audio and Energy (cables, powerbanks, etc).

Now im planning to setup 50-100 accounts for drive traffic but im not sure what content i have to post.

Accounts Information

The accounts are already following people base on location i need for the site, are profiled as woman profiles and have around 1-2k of followers, each account with separated proxy.

this week i will change the profile of 20 to meme accounts reposting memes of my country. i will add link in bio to my ecommerce and i will post products 1 time a day (delete after 10 hours). i will do the same with 20 every 2 days.

All the profiles would be different, and the link to my ecommerce would be use a shorter with splash.


Do you think the niche of the accounts (memes related to the country), its the best for drive traffic or i should go in other direction.

Thanks you all, and specially @Babs for suggest me edit the post.

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Sounds like a shitty strategy (just being serious) for being 3 sentences long mate. Think out you’re actual strategy, put it all on paper step by step, and then bring it here if you want detailed information mate.

How are you going to format the accounts, what niche, what viral content? “Shout the site some times a month”? come on… You aren’t trying very hard with wanting an explanation/advice with these types of statements.

Tell us what you’re going to do day by day and then ask 4 suggestions! That will help us help you A LOT more :slight_smile:


you are right, i didnt give a lot of details. i will edit the post

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Personally I dont think meme accounts would be the way to go. If I were you, I’d try and think of a way to have autoreposting / rate accounts.

What i mean by this is. Instead of memes. You repost or set up a campaign and you scrape 100’s of highend and lowend consumer electronics (in your niche that you will sell) and you simply set up an easy repost Spintax that says something like "{Rate this from 1-10|What do you think of this?! 1-10?|Do you think this is cool? Yah or Nah!?}"
Super easy and you dont have to specify. Add some emoji spins. This way you can get high comment engagement and people wont think twice really.

With that, I would actually target people that do tech reviews. I’d go on youtube / IG and look for the big tech review guys and get their ig names and use those as sourcing.

As long as you aren’t upselling by a shit ton this could actually work out well for you. 5-10$ is enough when you’re doing high volume, trust…

Other than that, thats a good rate to be pushing out new accounts, about 10 a day will be very freeing for your traffic in the long run. When you’re further down the road I’ll give you more of what I think you should do, but this is just my opinion. Take everything I say with a grain of salt as I haven’t YET had an extremely successful ecom business. But I didn’t know what I was doing :slight_smile: Now I do!

See :slight_smile: put effort out, get effort back mate. Im happy to write all day (not really got other things to do lol), but im happy to take good time out of my day to others who actually show they give a shit about what they are trying to ask or say :slight_smile:

Have a good day mate :smiley:


I don’t think instagram is the way to go for what you’re selling. I feel like using FB ads and utilizing one of many drop shipping strats such as the product being free just pay shipping, or something along those lines would work better. People looking at memes probably won’t have any interest in your product, but if you properly utilize FB ads you can target a very specific audience.

Thanks you for your advice, i like the idea maybe play a little with android vs ios could be a nice move

i will run also ads, but im struggling a little w the ig strategy

i would apreciate if someone can give me more advice

So you’re doing this for a client?

No, its a personal project. i went to china and i brought different products and now im bringing more

I personally don’t think creating a lot of IG pages to promote this is a bad idea. There’s a lot of technology/invention pages out there that grow quick and have a lot of viral content. Find some good ones, set up repost and go from there.


have you got what you needed for now?

If you overwhelm yourself with more info, i fear you might feel like you need to go down a rabbit hole of even more information… and end up in inaction (happens to me)

Better to take what youve got, test it, and report back with results to adjust.

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