Need advice. Instagram asking only for phone verification

Hello fellow community. I’ve been a member here for a very long time and I just wanted to say thank you to all the members helping each other every day, you have certainly helped me a lot too!

So this morning I have received a normal PVA on a profile, I went ahead and got a phone from SMSPVA ( know, big mistake from my side) and used the code. Cleared the cookies from the profile and reset the device ID, since the PVA was happening 5-6 times in the past 2 days.
10 Minutes later it says Email confirmation on the account, I open it via EB and notice that it doesn’t ask for Email verification but rather to send a code ONLY to the phone I just got from SMSPVA which I cannot use again. In short, the account is now locked since I have no access to the number.
If anyone has any idea how this can be fixed, let me know! Thank you in advance

contact smspva team and ask them for the number and verify the account .

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First, If you got too much PV in a couple of days my advice is to change the proxy to 4g.
And if that’s too late and your account gets locked.
You can try to send pictures of you and your username to IG help.
off course if you have the main email.

  1. You can contact Smspva team and ask the number for verifying your account

Already wrote to their support, was not sure if they are providing this. Going to wait on their response, thank you!
Edit: Received response to try using it again via the history page, which doesnt work :pensive: , so I guess this option won’t work

Already bought some 4g proxies, will change if I get it unlocked. Send my picture where? I do have the main email, that’s correct. I mean on which form do I send these?
Wrote support on smspva, fingers crossed they can do it.

Have you done this successfully before?

dude you need to stop using those abused reused Numbers and get your own sim cards you will never regret it
those abused numbers will cause you more PV again and again and again and in a lot of times bans
you don’t know who you are sharing those numbers with and how they have been used for before to link your account with it!

You only have to stop your account for 48-72 hours. Then, try to verify it again (this time, with a real SIM)

It’s stuck at PVA at the moment. It asks to send a code to the previous number used.