Need best settings for Instagram Following

I have US proxies from “dreamproxies”

Instagram somehow flagged account for following but settings were not that aggro.

Cant seem to get the “following” to work again.

Can anyone recommend the safest settings but will still gain followers?

everyone is going to recommend you to split test until something works for you please not sure why you still using regular proxies as everyone has moved into 4g mobile proxies


Unfortunately there’s no sure fire setting. We need to test, test, test …


Any particular provider of the 4G Mobile Proxies you recommend?

you can try these guys im not in any way affiliated to them but i want to try them out myself or you can search up 4g proxys on here ( note they are very spendy upwards $30-$50 per month per proxy )

How can you promote or recommend a service when you have not used? Wt.

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lmao what ? dude its called ask for a trial and see if you’re happy with the proxies

Do it, report back and stop wasting space.

find another way home pizza boy

I love pizza :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m trying out and its working really well for me atm, they give you 48hr trial and are pretty cheap too!