instagram help

I have an instagram account and I’m trying to figure out the best way to get real followers and not fake followers. People who will engage in the content. Would love to figure out a way to get more content posted daily without having to take all the pics. I currently go to car shows on the weekends and take a bunch of pics of cars and then post them throughout the week to gain followers. But it’s a slow process. In the future I’d love to be able to have my son use the account to market some car parts or mods for cars or something. Any ideas?

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Hi there. I was going to keep this a secret before we had a few more posts up, but i just created this list of car hashtags which you may find useful in your targeting.

If you’d like your account growth managed, please send me a direct message and we can chat further.

Go on related hashtags to cars and start looking to see what engagement matches follower counts!


It’s hard if you post your own photos, people will more likely click on the photo that looks like/or is photoshopped/edited.

If I were you, I wouldn’t look at it as building a long term business that can be passed down to generations but as some hobby.

Any ideas on that?