[need help] bulk edit previous posts from an account

Ok, so, in my previous post, I was asking you about how should I approach a marketing strategy toward a nightclub.
Now, half of the deal it’s done, but I have a big problem with their instagram account.

The guys have around 2.8k posts in which they used forbidden hashtags like #sexy, #naughty and so on.

Because we all know that in order to regain the reach on the page, all the hashtags need to be taken away from the caption, I ask you if it would be possible to do that with Jarvee or with any other tools.

I just dont feel like manually going through 2.8k posts to check the forbidden hashtags in all the captions.
I know Jarvee has few tools that could help achieve this, but I don’t know exactly where they are and how to use them.

Any suggestions?

I don’t think it’s possible to bulk edit part posts in jarvee…

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unfortunately, your only option might be to do it manually, or code a custom tool to do it


Here is how I would try to do it with jarvee …Scrape their posts to find the hashtags that are bad and then delete those posts using delete posts

Not gonna lie, but they have bad hashtags in the last 500 posts on every single one of them.
I have managed a way to get rid of them for now.