Need help for my instagram account

Instagram is not allowing me to upload posts, i mean the post gets automatically deleted after 5s of upload .Any way how to fix this issue ???

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are you using JV? 13 chars

Not Jar**** you mean JV :wink:

@arlind14 I think you checked marked in the advance setting form the Post tool the option if the post is without caption the post will delete. And if you but the checkmark Retry with EB than this works just for one picture (No album, no Video, GIF im not sure). If your EB works fine the post will be release with the EB tool. If not I have now the same issue and I try to fix it with JV.

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I dont use automation tools or Jarvee @bakedcookie @Sephiroth

are you using hashtags in your captions? if yes, how many?

Not in captions, im using on comments section 30 hashtags, this never happened before


How many posts a day? What’s the frequency of your posts?

2-3 posts a day between 3-4 hours , but last night i made 4 posts in a short time 5-10 minutes and after that could not post anymore

I think you already have your answer, chief.

I also thought thats what caused it but i was wondering when i will be able to post again ?

give it a break for at least 48 hours.

Thats a lot time i hope its worth it, thanks for your help

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If you still have problem with posting turn on your flight mode and turn it after some recounts on. So than you got a new IP (Most of the cases) you can check it with Google: Whats my IP if you see you got a new ip try it again. Maybe your IP is flagged because you did to many post in the same time. Storys are no problem but post that not normal that someone post so many pictures. And dont use every time the same caption. You have to change the text :slight_smile:

Wish you a good luck. And please report this problem to Instagram.

My ip didnt even changed, also i tried posting on another phone but still not working

You better waiting 48h. Don’t force it, or you may get worse blocks.

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Thats true wait better 48h hours I just want to say if it not work after 48hour dont use the same WIFI if you have 2 phones with different Numbers and different contracts than try to use a other WIFI or Data Tarif with an other IP. And you can get a new IP with reseting the router or modern and on the phone if you turn on flight mode turn of phone turn on phone turn of flight mode. This helps in many cases if you works manually with the Instagram APP. And the other case maybe why you cant post is because you dont have the rights for the content what you post. But you know it better. More and more content creators are claiming copyrights.

i guess i will wait for 48 hours

Try it from another device and tell me if it worked if not your Insta might have been blocked

Already tried on other devices and it didnt worked.
Btw are you Albanian ???

Yep I am from kosova you too ?