Need help for my Instagram growth

Hi all,

So I have an Instagram account for my online store. I used FollowLiker in the past and got blocked. I used Jarvee once and got blocked there as well. Got blocked 3 times total, last one lasting an entire week.

I want to use automation or manual services for liking posts of my competitors followers/likers, if that makes sense? Not really hard automation work as in follow/unfollow, commenting, sending DM’s etc…

Would you recommend to use an automation service or to have someone manually do those interactions for me? And for the tasks I need, whats a realistic monthly price for such a service?

I’d prefer to go for automation but don’t want to get blocked. Its my income after all, imagine my account actually getting deleted or whatever. I’d be in trouble.


It will me almost impossible not to get ever blocked if you use automation. Your tasks are easy for automation but there will still be blocks now and then. The same goes for manual also, but definitely fewer.

For your tasks I would suggest manual services and a realistic amount would be not more that 100 €. That’s the roof, I think you could pay a lot fewer if you don‘t want follow unfollow.