Need help in creating multiply facebook account

Each time I create an account an instantly directed to where to upload picture when i do that the next message I receive is that that this account is temporary ban for 72 hours for review, and after 72hours am unable to log in to that account this has been so for most of the accounts have been creating

Each time I create a new account I make sure I clean up my history yet all my account are ban from the very instant this is frustrating and I really need help in this very matter , I know before now it was not so I use to create multiply accounts but now it is different
I need tips on how to create multiply facebook account from one computer

Please any one with useful information should please help
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Hey @osasobas I personally do not use facebook, so my answer may not be correct.

I would assume your accounts are getting banned because there are other Identifiable Characteristics (Foot Prints) somewhere. Just cleaning up your history will still leave lots of footprints.

Here are other things that need to be cleaned/spoofed on Instagram. Im sure lots of not all apply to Facebook also

  • Device ID
  • GUID
  • IP Address
  • MAC Address
  • Cache
  • Phone Model
  • Google or Apple Advertising ID
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As suggested above please spoof other things too …

If you are on Windows you can use free tools like cc cleaner to clean up your browser

Or simply go to browser setting > privacy > clean everything from beginning

In this way you can clean up your browser

To change ip address use a vpn / proxy
Or switch aeroplane mode on / off if you are on 3g/4g network

If you are on mobile device you can change device id etc on android after rooting your android device

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I have the same problem;
I am on a amazon free vps, and try to open account with the embedded browser in MP

Try to change other stuff as Brandon recommended.

I don’t think Facebook can track the MAC Address as MAC addresses are used locally only and they are not exposed to the Internet.

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If using app, i think there is a chance they track by MAC addr. Maybe the wifi MAC.