Need help in making a good looking Instagram profile

Hey guys! I want to promote my instagram growth company(follow/unfollow) by sending mass DM’s, also by follow/unfollow, maybe even by instagram ADS in the future. However I think all of this would be not worth doing if you have not a good profile. So i need to know what i need in order to create a good looking profile. What kind of content, how many followers(purchased ones, cause real will cost too much), also likes & comments( to make it look active).

I need ideas from someone who already has a nice looking instagram profile for instagram growth promotion.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

Unfortunately your question is too vague.

The answer is “it depends”.

The first and the main thing is to have good quality, unique content for posting. That is something where you need to be creative in order to stand out among the many many similar accounts.