Need help recovering temporarily locked account!

This may not be the right place to ask this but I am having issues with recovering my Instagram profile, i’ve looked all over the Instagram help center to no avail

Basically my issue is that some suspicious activity was recognised on my account and then temporarily locked due to this. When I try to login, I am asked to confirm my identity by either receiving a verification code to either my mobile number or my email address, the issue I am having is that:

  1. The codes are not coming through to my mobile number when I request them - also if I request a password reset link through to my mobile number, that arrives but not the verification code?!

  2. The email that Instagram wants to send a verification code to is an old email that I changed on the account a short while ago. So why are they trying to send a code to an email that isn’t linked to my account for?

Both of these issues are stopping me from recovering my account which is vital I do, as it’s a business account with just under 400,000 followers.

Cany anyone help with this?

If you bought the account then most like that you wont be able to recover the account. If the account is really yours then you wont have a problem receiving the PV.

Instagram will know if the phone number that you put into the account is a spam number or not.
A strong account is the one that has a phone number attached to it and has never been changed. If this is your account then you can recover it with ease.

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try submitting a support form. or wait couple kf days and try.

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on top of what the first guy said, you can attach your account to a proxy (change the IP) then re-verify it, it could be that the IP is blacklisted which causes all those issues.

As long as you still have access to the phone number displayed by Instagram on the verification page, you will be able to log in to the account. I would suggest you stop asking for a verification code for a few days, then try again.

Tried doing it from a completely different device and getting the same results, going to wait a few days and try again I think.

Yeah still have access to that number and all the email addresses i’ve used for the account, so would have no issue getting the codes if they sent them! but good idea, will give it a rest for the weekend and try again next week. Thank you.

yes, a few days rest will do your account good, when trying again try from another different IP band new one and a new device then see how it goes.

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Being a cyber investigator and cyber consultant I have tried solving these types of Instagram Cases in past. Believe it or not Instagram has no help channel or policy for this screen, it can’t be removed or bypassed so easily if you are not having access to old email.

From 1 out of 10 cases I was able to get account logged in only for one of my client, because that involved legal documentations submitted directly to facebook/instagram and also because that account was hacked so was given bit of consideration (which was rejected many a times earlier) or else it would have been rejected directly according to policies of Instagram.

In couple of other such cases the person was a media celebrity and so her media organization directly submitted a request to facebook via media partner support through that her account was logged in and her email on verify screen was changed.

I have tried this for like ages for many accounts but probability goes around for only 10% that too vary from case to case where few of cases have 0 percent probabilities too.

Additionally if you don’t have access to old email Instagram will directly reject all the queries no matter submitted from which channel. Honestly, it will be very painful to get this account unlocked!

Not to provide any fake hopes, but try to contact any person who has media support of facebook or instagram, that person or company can get your account unlocked very easily.

Feel free to get in touch, can’t surely help out but can consult what is best to my knowledge. @sunwadhwani2102 - Insta Username.