Need Help seriously for FB Group Posting

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Ok I start with MP few days ago, uptill now one of my facebook account is blocked, I dont want to run 100’s of accounts but only 5 to 10 account just to post in groups. I am bit affraid now because as deep I am digging on this forum I am reading horrible stories about 100’s of account blocked at once OR personal account blocked.

Is there any one who can direct me to some best practice workflow for FB group posting for those who want to run 5 to 10 account.


FB Account 1 for youtube channel 1
FB Account 2 for youtube channel 2
FB Account 3 for youtube channel 3
FB Account 4 for youtube channel 4
FB Account 5 for my blog
FB Account 6 for remarketing YT Channel 1 (Might be)

Do i need to use proxy, I have not been using any proxy yet and I connect only two of my FB accounts with MP and one of them is already blocked. I need to guess my friends photos which I have not idea of :frowning: any solution to that would be helpful.


There’s nothing to be afraid of if you use Mass Planner correctly. Don’t post too much and you’ll be fine. Use spyntax if you use any text , Since you’re going to promote your YT Channel, I guess you’ll post links to your videos, right? That’s good. You have opportunity to mix links - not post same link 20x per day

Personal accounts get blocked too, but you really gotta be idiot to accomplish it :smiley: like me for example. I was pushing it to see how much posts FB will let me publish. I got blocked for one week, but I was publishing 60 posts per day with that account for couple of days and all posts were from same domain.

Your strategy looks fine, just make sure you mix links. If you have 10 videos on channel 1, then make sure you use different video each time you post.

Don’t go over 20 posts per day for now. Later, you can increase it to 30, but that should be max in order to stay safe.

Those with 100s of accounts banned are usually real spammers that post links to their CPA offers. You shouldn’t be concerned about that.

Since you intend to use 10 accounts, get at least 2 proxies. Use 4 accounts on your own IP and rest of them on those 2 proxies (3 on each).

Unfortunately, I don’t think you’ll be able to do anything regarding this. Is this the only way of verification they offered to you?

Dear Adnan,

Thanks for your reply. Keep my few questions very specific and I am greatfull to you for your help. I was thinking to spread the word out for Mass planner as I think its a fantastic. Once I get my hands on it I will announce it on all my social channels, make YT videos also to help other people.

  1. Can I use Joiner and posting via campaigns at the same time.
  2. I use a website called to generate a link which show bigger thumbnail of my videos in facebook post do you think it can cause problem links it generates looks like this

Because I use massplanner to post those links for the first time to test and after that my account was blocked.

I have currently only 4 facebook account and 2 instagram. only 1 FB is connected to massplanner do you think I still need to start using proxy or I can do it once I increase the number of my accounts.

MP is on my Home computer, I want to login to my office computer also but for that I have to disconnect my home computer from my account, if I do that all the settings will be removed and I have to setup from start?

Thanks and best regards

Yes, you can. Just make sure you don’t join/post too fast or too much as that might get your account blocked.

The reason of your block could be related to using those URLs or to other factors, you can try posting the same way using normal links and see if you will get blocked again, if you did it’s not because of that URL and if you don’t it’s because of it. There’s no other way to know but to test it.

Maybe you can try posting using this trick as well: The Edit Post Trick on Facebook To Publish Links To Groups (100% Success rate)

You can use up to 3 accounts without proxies, you will need to use a proxy with every 2 - 3 accounts.

What are you going to disconnect exactly? Mass Planner or your account? Try to rephrase your question please.

I didn’t read all the other posts, so some of this might have already been covered, but here is your bible for creating facebook accounts. Follow it. Follow it. Follow it.

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