Need help with a dental page to do paid shoutout

Hey guys,
Do we have anybody who owns a dental page here?
I’m willing to pay for shoutouts.

It’s going to be hard to find a page that is specifically a ‘dental page’… What kind of service or product are you promoting? Teeth whitening kit? Fashion, fitness, or health pages will probably be your best bet.

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my client is a dentist :wink: I’m promoting her big ego.


Those are always fun clients hehe.

Powerlikes may be useful for ego boosting. :wink:


Fuelgram PL kill engagement :frowning:

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You can go on here and purchase shoutouts from a lot of different pages

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how make money from shoutcard ?

Maybe you can reach out to that guy:

One question regarding your statement:

So you participated in that group and you made the experience that ER fell? If so, maybe you can make a short comment about that here (because it would be the right topic):

Thank you!!

Ok. I just responded.

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