Need Help with accounts

Good day,
long story short. Ive get really good marketing offer from my advertiser. . So I created acocunt 5 days ago and posted 4 videos. I got 34 000 views on 4 videos in 24 hours! I made a lot of money, but I made mistake too. I decidet to delete videos with 34 000 views and upload it again… after that my videos got 100-200 views (Only following users). I decided my account is ,dead" So i created new one with gmail login and posted videos again (With changed MD5 hash)… 0 views. Tried buy aged accounts, website uploading, buy extra aged account, Nox, BlueStack, real phone, residential proxies, vpn, RDP… Nothing helped. I am always stucked on 0 views. My videos and accounts are not shadowbanned / banned.

Is there someone who can help me? Was I just lucky with the first account? Where am I making a mistake? I am really frustrated . I am burning money on proxies, accounts, smspva etc…

Yes, I can buy views and basically ,scam" my advertiser, but he is my advertiser a long time, and I am not interested to scam him.

Thank you in advance.

You joined 38 mins ago… and this thread feels like theres more to it…

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Wdym? I worked with instagram, snapchat, youtube … I received a good offer on TikTok and I want to use it. I’m looking for some ideas or tips on how to successfully get views on an account. I am not here to advertise or sell/ buy something.

If you’ve been around the scene for aslong as you’re saying, then you wouldn’t be asking what do I mean.

New account, makes thread talking about a network that pays ridiculously high for clicks… higher than any pay per click network I’ve ever advertised for, and I’ve been doing IM over a decade.

Not saying that you are, but if you’ve been around then you would know it resembles the typical bait with out direct advertising so that ppl DM asking about the network, and the rest is history.

Welcome to the forum.


I edited the thread. I’ve never worked with a tiktok, so I asked. Because I can’t repeat what I did once… You can’t blame me for your bad offers.
Also admin can lock my DMs… As I said I am looking for help.

Thank you.

When did I say anything about getting bad offers? Your offer sounds ridiculous, and tbh… I don’t believe you.

Proof is in the pudding though… prove me wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’d advise you to stick to your original account, and keep posting videos. A shadowban (if that’s the case) lasts 7 to 14 days. Just be consistent, and you’ll get there again. Making new accounts will not make things any better.

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