Need help with action blocked account

Hello everyone,

Coming back to Instagram after 2 years and I recently created an account and started following people. I was testing the waters and now I have been action blocked (can’t follow anyone). Once my action block was lifted (The next day), I followed 1 profile successfully and got action blocked again.

Can someone help me out with how long should I wait before starting the follow/unfollow method again?

Make relog to clear session block. Dont do too many per day.

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What proxy you using? How many follows have you been doing?

With fresh relogin your account should do up to 200 follows without any problem!

I am not using a proxy as it is the only account I am trying to grow, manually. I was doing approx 150-200 a day and 50-60 an hour

Is there an hourly limit too? What is a safe number per hour?

Also, 200 will work on a 2-week-old account? Thanks!

It is very random. There shouldn’t be an hourly limit. More like a daily limit. 200 will work on a 2-week-old account just make sure it is warmed before.

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Best way is to find someone