Need help with hotmail

Hello guys! I’m connecting into hotmail accounts after many years of not being connected! However, recovery email that i added many years before - i have no longer access to it. And in order to change it to a new one i need to wait 30 days or so… Even if i can add a new email now, they still want me to wait 30 days until an old one is removed. Anyway to make it faster with updating privacy and safety? Or only 30 days of waiting is possible?

You will have to wait the duration of 30 days to change your attached Recovery information.

Yes and then once i change an email to a new recovery email, can i change a number at the same time too? Or is it 30 days for the email and 30 days for the number waiting??

30 days to be able to updated all security information such as Recover Email, Recovery Number, Security Questions etc.