Need help with Instagram art account

Account name: projectazoth

I just started Facebook ad manager. It helps boost my views, but I want better conversion from those views (more likes, comments, and followers).
The goal I want from my account is an engaged community! If I can’t get that outcome don’t work with me.
Any idea, definitely looking forward to partner with a social media marketer in this ecosystem.

Some advices :

  • Add more content, as there are not that much for now.

  • Add some interesting highlights, so that it looks more authentic.

  • Maybe use a growth strategy instead of IG ads, which are known to not convert good at all. It can be F/U, shoutouts or even Mother/Child.

Indeed, 43k accounts reached in the last 30 days with a total followers of +334, it’s not much. For example with Mother/Child (we speak of what we know, as this is what we do), 43k accounts reached could mean anywhere from +2k to +15k followers, depending on the niche and Mother/Child strategy itself.

Can you explain It can be F/U, shoutouts, even Mother/Child in greater detail and how it can help me build an authentic audience that are engage with my posts?

I am not going to write a complete thread on every one of them, but here are some examples of threads that are talking about these methods :

It will help you getting traffic, meaning targeted users profiles visits. It will NOT help you building an authentic audience. For that, only you can make it happen with various strategy to retain it, keep it entertained to your content & loyal to your page. Sending traffic without clear vision on what to do with it afterwards might not help on the long run. In short, every successful account have been able to :

  1. Get a good amount of traffic to their page,

  2. Keep users interested in their content.

That’s the secret sauce :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much! I will definitely check it out.

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