Need help with manual growth

Hi, I’m looking for someone or a service that can help me grow manually.
I quit all automation last year as I almost lost my account twice (It’s a verified personal account). I’ve been performing manual likes to keep up the growth but it’s taking way too much time so I am looking for an alternative. Ideally would like to grow a minimum of 30+ followers a day to battle the daily losses. I’m interested in any service and ideas, please reach out if you can help. Thanks!


Have you tried mother/child method?


If you don’t want to use automation with your account, the mother/child method is the way to go as @heroeslair said.



If your daily goal is only 30+ followers a day, you should be able to achieve that easily by posting 3 unique reels a day. I gain 10-15 followers average on a bad day for every reel I post, thats a minimum of 30 followers a day. On a good day, 1 of the 3 will gain some traction and I will gain a couple hundred followers. Reels + hashtags is the only formula I’ve been using. All the accounts I run are manual, and they’re fairly new(2-3 weeks in age).

Your niche, the content you’re posting, and the hashtags you use will play a big part in whether the posts take off, and whether people choose to follow you. Trial and error is your best friend, but trust me when I say reels are powerful when used correctly.