Need help with my Personal IG account

Just got this from Instagram on my personal IG account (Account 1)

I‘m using FL on a VPS
Account 1: (no proxy) but VPS is in the same country as me!
Account 2: DC proxy
On my iPhone I had both accounts connected. Account 2 got banned (because DC proxy was shitlisted for some reason) I managed to get the account back. Later I got the message above on Account 1. I stopped botting

What do you guys think I should do? Do I’ve to start boting again on Account 1? Can I use same VPS IP as before or I should get a 4G proxy?

Do you have any suggestions for any 4G proxy? For 1/2 accounts only

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Definetly change it to 4g mobile proxies bro :slight_smile:

Dont take to much actions, like 500 f/u should be the max without give out likes

When your account is important to you you could stop botting and start mother child with 20/30 accounts

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Yes, it’s like a child. I post my artworks on it and I’ve a good following, built my “brand” around it but I need to keep boting so more people can see my works.

Do you have any suggestions about good mobile proxies? I was able to find some but they selling bundles of min 5 proxies. I don’t need that many

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Thing is even with directly boting my account I got 12k followers in 3 years lol lame. I don’t think mother/slave will work at all for me! :weary:

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Thank you @kripke, I’ll check it out

Thats bad restults as fuck, what settings do you have?

I only follow/unfollow
F: 50/400 / day
U: 50/400 / day
20 sec intervals

I try to keep it safe as much as I can.

I used to use instagress for a 1 year I got to 5K, when I moved from there things slowed down a ton.

Big better sources, I’d say that doing 400-500 a day is safe too.

Get a decent mobile proxy, better sources and then scale up the following per day to 500. You’ll get much better results :slight_smile:

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