Need help with paypal

Hello guys! For clients management i was doing paypal , but after my paypal got limited for all time, i switched to stripe, and it seems to be okay.

However im doing another business online - selling instagram accounts. And most of the people who buy instagram accounts - 90% of them or even more are paying via paypal. So right now im using my partners paypal, paying him 10-15% fee per each sale. I dont like it very much cause i need to pay fees and also its not very comfortable when im not having my own paypal…

I’ve heard about stealth accounts and was interested to buy them from aspkin forum, however if i will be using paypal with over 2.5k limit - i must send docs , id correct? So how do i send fake person(stealth account) name , surname? Inst it a crime? I really , really need to find a way to use paypal legally or at least avoid getting any legal consequences. So could anyone help me what to do?

I could pay for the consultation if someone who is experienced could help me.

Of course it’s illegal.

Anyway, there are forums where you can buy PP accounts without any limits.

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Yes, for example aspkin forum. However, if its not legal, what i could do in order to do business with paypal legally? I mean, all my clients are paying via paypal and using a partners paypal makes me to loose money + its not that comfortable. Am I not able to use paypal for all my life because i was not responding to disputes and paypal got me limited for all time…? Is there really no other way how to do it , but only illegal?