Need help with scraping!

Hey guys, could anyone tell me how to scrape nowadays with low cost? By scraping i mean - how to scrape instagram emails along with usernames and other info.

What tools are you using? Jarvee or other?

Let me know please!

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You can use Jarvee for username scraping. The only thing that has changed for scraping is the need of scraper accounts. There are limits on the amount of api calls you can make… so you’ll need a batch of scraper accounts to make these api calls on. The more accounts you use, along with the right delays should allow for your scraper accounts to last longer… as they will die eventually.

Take a look for external scraping services for money. There are some. I know one in russian language which does the job.

You can use Jarvee, but as it was mentioned before, you need to run multiple scrapers with different proxies and use strict API limits. And yeah, scrapers are probably going to die but with the right limits and good proxies your scrapers could last longer.

Jarvee, scrapers, API limits, different proxies(2-3 accounts per proxy), low settings, good warmup strategy, never abuse the accounts, and always be ready for verifications as they will eventually come.

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What is a safe api limit for one account?

Check out phantom buster. There’s a bunch of tools on there and they offer a free two week trial. I use it to scrape followers of target accounts. I then download into excel and filter out private accounts there. After that I drop into Jarvee for further filtration. Works for me.

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Try these numbers:

For Enable API Limits:

Wait between 2500 and 12000 milliseconds when API excced 2 in last 5 seconds OR

Wait between 2500 and 7500 milliseconds when API exceed 1 in the last 2 seconds.

For Delay all tools when API errors exceed a given value:

Wait between 60 and 120 minutes when API errors exceed 1 per hour AND

wait between 350 and 550 minutes when API errors exceed 2 per day.

For Delay all tools when API calls exceed a given value:

Wait between 10 and 30 minutes when API calls exceed 50 per hour AND

wait between 350 and 550 minutes when API calls exceed 500 per day.

But nevertheless, you should be testing different limits on different accounts because the limits are depending on many things including the trust-scores of your scrapers.

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Is that parsa?

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Yeah, didn’t want to name drop. They don’t work well for me

this skip tons of data not reliable. Also, the guy needs the email which this service don’t offer.

these looks good, but some poeple work here with EB some with API. From my, exp EB works better for scraping if you don’t need to scrape details that need API only.

if anyone offers scraping services, please send me a DM

PM sent 13 char

Guys i have few questions:

  1. How do i avoid constant email verification/phone verification(password changing) on scraping accounts? Is it because im not using any proxies or low quality of accounts? Let me know!

  2. The speed of scraping(how fast you will scrape) - does it depend on how many scraping accounts you have?

  1. How many scraper accounts do you have?
    It can be because of both. You should add as many scraper accounts as you can and enable these settings on each account’s advanced profile settings:

  2. If you set the tool to use multiple accounts to scrape in parallel, the scraping will be faster. I think it depends on what you’re scraping.

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if someone knows a decent external way to scrape, I’m all ears too. It just seems like a lot of cost now to keep it going with JV

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That’s so great

Can you tell me how to achive that? scrape in parallel?