Need help with scrapped users

ok here is the issue,i scrapped +50kusers , and i have them on googlesheet now,issue is that i dont know how to split that list into 200users and getting space between them .

if someone know how or know a tool can do it would be helpful

Are you using Jarvee? Just enable don’t follow same people and then you don’t need to do that

no this is just for something else just need to know if someone can do it

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Sorry don’t know a trick to do that fast

If you mean you want to insert a row after every 200 users, you can do it in Excel:

  1. Download the google sheets file as excel file
  2. Open it in excel
  3. File > More > options > Customize ribbon
  4. In the Main tab, check “Developer”
  5. Once the Developer tab appears, click on it > visual basic
  6. Select your sheet, then click on View > Code.
  7. Paste this script:
    Option ExplicitSub Macro1() 'Written by Trebor76 'Visit my website -
  8. Run it.

thanks but they say page not foud when clicking the pastebin link

also is there similar solution for google spreadsheet?

I’ve updated the pastebin link, if it doesn’t work, you can download the script here:

there may be a way to do that in google sheets, but with a different script

ok thanks , do you know the process to do it on sheet?

Hey Can i get your reply on PM? thanks a lot!

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean, you should select the sheet which contains the data in step 6.

Just replied to your PM, sorry for late response. I rarely check PM.

If you export them as a csv file you can edit that file with Notepad++. Notepad++ has a record en play function. You can use that to record actions, and use play to repeat the recorded actions an x number of times.

It is useful to have and understand. I think Notepad++ is my most used piece of software.