Need help with setting up accounts

I am having a lot of problems with getting new accounts set up in MP recently… I wonder if anyone has a proven method that works I can adapt.

For reference, I buy 2015 accounts as scrapper accounts and warm them up in MP before I use them to do scrapping. These accounts are on proxies (not 4G ones, social media proxies from highproxies). I do very low setting on follow/unfollow/like, no more than 10 actions in total in an hour.

This method used to work wonders for me and I had no problem, since last month, I start having a problem warming up the newly bought 2015 accounts… Get blocked within minutes after I switch on the follow/like/unfollow tool.

Anyone experiencing this?

Also, wonder if you can still set up an account on MP successfully without a scraper account, all my accounts are having scrapper accounts now because of the blocking problems, wonder if there is a better setting to use so I do not need scrapper accounts.

Many thanks

Nope, I don’t think there is a safer way to run IG accounts with scraper/main method.

If you’ve tried everything and still getting blocked very quickly then maybe get couple of 4G proxies for those accounts. It seems to me those are IP related problems because the same thing is happening for multiple accounts of yours if I’ve understand correctly.

Try changing proxy provider to a less popular one, or like @Jaha mentioned above - check out 4G mobile proxies.

P.S. I always avoid any seller that labels their proxies as “social media/instagram” proxies etc. because this is simply a marketing trick.

Thanks for getting back to me. For me getting a scrapper account for main accounts is such a hassle as I need to warm the scrapper account before I get it working.

Is there a place I can buy scrapper accounts that are reliable and does not need warm up work?

that is good to know. I am sooo new to the tech side of things, will try 4G proxy out.

How do you currently set up your MP? Do you buy scrapper account, warm them up in MP and then load it into a 4G proxy with a main account?