Need help with SIM cards and reader

Hello MPSocial!

I recently bought some SIM Cards to try and get my accounts unlocked… I read some others posts regarding a SIM Card reader… Does anyone have experience with these?

Do you simply put the SIM Card into the reader and it displays messages you receive? Do I have to have this line on my phone plan?

Any help with this is much appreciated!

A sim card reader simply reads the information on the sim card, you can’t use it to send or receive texts, data, or anything.

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Just get some cheap, network unlocked phone and use it to receive messages for verification. That’s how everyone’s doing it. I got one of those card readers from ebay to test it, @dwayne is right, they only read what’s already on the sim card, you can’t receive messages.

There are some devices, made in china :slight_smile: but they’re pretty expensive for Chinese stuff.

Search in Aliexpress “card phone” they’re 15$

Yeah pretty much what everyone else said, you dont want a sim reader

Buy a cheap unlocked phone and do a little google research and find a sim provider that sells sim cards that come preactivated and dont require a top up or whatever other specifications you need such as a certain country you may be living in.

Thank you for the help! I bought 10 sims from the forums here

Sorry for the follow up question lol… Unlocked meaning it can be used on any network? So I could get an unlocked phone off amazon and add tracphone minutes or something?

Yeah any $10-20 unlocked phone meaning the ESN is clean and not locked to a particular network.

Check out this seller thread he also suggests a phone to use. THREAD

No the whole point is to buy already activated sim cards so you dont have to spend so much money topping up each sim card.