Need help with TokTok

Hi am a travel blogger that is posting travel tips and other travel content on tiktok my own travel content.

I recently saw my views drop and a few days ago I was getting over 1k views per video and now I can’t be get over 300 per video.

Can someone help me. If you want to see my tiktok account send me a direct message.

Also does making an account on your phone and than deleting it and making a new one affect your current tiktok account.

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Likely a shadow ban. Keep posting and it will eventually go back

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What is 1L? Did you mean K?
Look at your analytics.
If you still see traffic from the FYP it’s not a shadowban but your videos did not perform well.
I have videos with 150k likes but the next one will only get 10k. It is how TikTok works.

I did a video 1 days ago that got onto the for you page most of my videos get onto a for you page but don’t get much views. Can you review my account

Can you review my account and content.

What does it mean if some of your videos go on the fyp and others doesn’t

From my own experience, reposted videos don’t go on the fyp page. They somehow recognize a video that has been posted on the platform before.

I already warched some of your videos. Overall, everything seems nice. Make sure your texts are centered. Sometimes words are hidden behind the video caption/description or the navigation on the right. Also, lower the volume of your music, and up your own voice, while speaking. You can do that using the Volume settings on the right.

I post my own content and duets no reposted content.

Also does anyone know if you deleted an account and than make a new one on the same phone will that affect the current account.

I also heard that if you delete a video it resets the algorithm. What does that mean.

I already made an alt account on the same device, and everything is alright. They obviously allow owning multiple accounts, since there’s an option for that. Avoid making more than 3 though.

I believe that’s a myth. I’ve deleted multiple videos, and that hasn’t affected or reset my algorithm. But again, avoid deleting too many. Once in a while is fine.

My opinion:
You are not consistent with your theme. You make travel videos but also reactions/duets to “funny” or “cooking” videos. I also saw a video “like if you were born before…” Stay in your own niche if you want people to remember you on a particular topic.
Videos are too slow from the beginning.
Most people decide whether they will swipe or keep watching within the first 2/3 seconds so make those the most entertaining. Transitions are also slow. You can skip those.
And as mentioned previously, the BGM is sometimes too slow we can’t hear what you’re saying.

All videos should go to the FYP to some extent.

So you saying that i need to make shorter videos and just do travel videos only and what is BGM and how many videos should i post a Day

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Like 70-90% of my videos go to the fyp. Also what you think of my content and qulity of video

He had one liter of views.

What you mean?

I have my account 3 day rest and posted more views today and can’t seam to get more than 300 views and my videos are not showing on hastags.

have you done any kind of changes these last days?