Need inspiration for IG username ๐Ÿ––

sup gangstas and prankstas :punch:
need help from brain storms masters to get some inspiration
for my new IG username :slight_smile:
not a business/brand name, need a catchy name for my personal
IG profile where i just uploading my art works/illustrations
my niche is art my sub niches for my drawing concept is
spiritual, visionary, religious, technical
a drawing for an example (my drawings gonna be related to this one)

any ideas? :heart:


Religuality - Religious and Spirituality in 1

This is a hard one XD hopefully this bump helps aswell :slight_smile:

Best of luck! I need to think of one as well XD

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nice one i love playin with words like that, ty for the inspiration

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Darkartest maybe :joy:

mmm im not kind of a type who uses โ€œdarkโ€ in hes names
i need authentic one, thx for your comment tho

Maybe sth like darkbuddha, savagespirit, drawindark

lol @kaig1


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Iโ€™m rude and have nothing better to say or do right now.


lol ty for your comment, darkbuddha actually sounds pretty nice
got inspired :+1:

Rebel Art, Badboy Art, Rebelual, RebelDrawsome, Rebelutionary Art, Rebeligious Art

Just did this for my brand/instagram channel using this quiz (not my sites) and this article Does Your Brand Have Multiple Personality Disorder? A Look at Brand Archetypes

Good Luck

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Pick something thatโ€™s easier to pronounce, and will stick to peopleโ€™s minds.
Not necessarily related to your art. Thatโ€™s how you make a brand.
I can almost glimpse into the future with people using Pickle Bananas t-shirts with your art on.


hahaha yes thx for sharing your future seeing
i also think its not so necessarily to be related to my art
i love good names, for IG is cool but when ill make a brand
it will be something more sharper then pickle bananas but i feel you

try playing with old sanskrit or hebrew words ;), seems your art is kaballa/tarot influenced :slight_smile:

And let us know what you choose so we can check out your profile later :wink: