NEED: Manual IG Growth Manager

Hey all! I’m in need of a GOOD manual IG growth manager for a client of mine. Daily manual f/u and commenting, very niche specific. Please email me if interested. Thanks!


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Thanks for the heads up- updated!


Prepare your inbox;)

Just dont forget to do some research on the offers. Ask for some examples, some references. It’s a client account, be a bit carefull :slight_smile:



Thanks for the tips Danny! I am actually collecting referrals for a former client of mine. I’ll pre-screen people and send the ones who seem to be a good match her way. The new marketer will be working directly with her. I have a wider network with access to more marketers like myself, so I’m just doing her a favor:slight_smile:

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im also looking for the same. can you email me

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